Monday, February 20, 2012


Introductions are arranged in the order in which they were written.

Jason Rossiter:
Currently a senior at Bellaire High School and going to the University of Texas at Austin. Interested in music of all genres, performing and listening. Drum Major, classically trained concert percussionist, professional drummer and bassist, sound engineer. Straight edge Christian and a libertarian with anarchistic tendencies.

Adarsh Nednur:
A junior at Bellaire High School and a mediocre player of multiple musical instruments (guitar, bass clarinet, piano) who songwrites in his free time and is also interested in music of all genres. Liberal on most social issues, clueless about most economic issues. Agnostic. Is often pessimistic about his own life and optimistic about everyone else's, and is anything but cynical. Known to watch more chick flicks than most guys and enjoy talking about philosophy and his feelings. Either a hopeless romantic or a nonbeliever of love.

My name is Jack, and I am going to be one of the regular contributors to Questions, Bar Answers. First things first, as I am sure you have figured out, I am not writing under my own name and have opted to use an avatar instead of a picture; I am a bit more paranoid than the other writers. I will likely be serving as the cynic of the bunch. Without going into details here, I don’t think the world is a good place, and I don’t think it can or will ever be a good place. Now that I have gotten my preliminary downer statement out of the way, I have to assign myself into some arbitrary categories so that you, as the reader, feel like you have some clue about who I am (though you really don’t). Religiously, I am a Christian, but unlike some of the other writers on this blog, I tend to disagree with many of the tenants and ideas of organized religion (more on that in a later essay). Politically, I am a libertarian, but I like to believe my views are based on pragmatism instead of dogma, so I end up leaning toward the center. I’ve been called a pessimist, misanthrope, and weirdo; all labels that are probably fair. Just to round out the list of personal details, I am a Brony, Whovian, gamer, debater, short story writer, otaku, and overall nerd. I hope that you either enjoy or are disconcerted by my essays; either response means I did my job well. Question everything, including yourself!

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