Wednesday, August 29, 2012

I'm Angry and I know it

          You know what really grinds my gears? Angry people. Angry people and stupidity. Ah! Two things that really grind my gears are angry people, stupidity and cultural intolerance. Gah! Amongst the things that really grind my gears—and I really mean grind my gears—are angry people, stupidity, intolerance, politicians, social conservatism, Bible thumpers, people who think they are above the rules, America’s lack of high-speed rail and service charges at my bank. Just to name a few; I wouldn’t have it any other way.
         People like to be angry, and here’s why: self-righteousness. The same sort of self-righteousness that we can observe in politicians, and people who try and convert you to follow a flying spaghetti monster, Lord knows how much I despise both parties. Humans like to be right. Whole wars are fought over who is right and who is wrong. Even though war only proves who is left.
         Being angry in one's own mind is really a call to righteousness. We’re angry for a reason, and gosh-dernit it’s because we’re in the right and some other person, being or concept is in the wrong. If someone were to wreck your new car, you would be angry, right? Why? The car will be repaired or even replaced at the person who wrecked its expense. Despite all of this, we’re right and he’s wrong! Ha-ha! At last we have an opportunity to really make this schmuck feel like he’s messed up.
         Humans are competitive beings; we’re confrontational for multiple reasons. Shooting at someone is far easier than trying to sort it out diplomatically. At least for the politicians it is, and really that is where the country is. Not in the hands of the people like they tell it is.
         Despite our disapproval for situations that make us angry, the actual state of anger itself is somewhat enjoyed. When I found out that there is a good chance that I will be taking PE in my senior year due to some major miscommunication and idiocy in the top levels of my school district, I suggested that we not talk about the issue because at the time there was nothing to be done about it. This request fell on deaf ears. Why? Because we enjoy being worked up, regardless of how much we wish the situation didn’t exist.
         What’s to be said for anger? We all feel it, and if you’re a normal human you probably enjoy it to a small or large degree. Embrace it, just don’t over do it, and ultimately no one really wants stress ulcers, so be angry and proud of it!

Angry, the new happy!

Thus Spoke Grant

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