Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Grant on a Rant: Everyone Does the Color Shout!

         Good evening ladies and gentlemen it’s time for the segment you all know and love we like to call Grant on a Rant. That’s right folks that’s where I, your host, go on ranting about a topic that I find to be of significance. So now that we’re all ready, what’s our topic tonight? Doris, may I have the envelope please.
            Tonight’s topic is "rule following." Now that we’ve got our topic and I’m all fired up we’re ready to begin.

         The band’s favorite cheer at football games is the color shout. If you’re not familiar with it, it goes:

“What about, what about, what about our color shout
Red, red, red, red. White, white, white, white, white, white.” x3

         It’s probably the single greatest cheer ever cheered; the entire band does it. Or at least the entire band used to do it. So there’s this guy in band we’ll call him Steve, and he doesn’t do the color shout. He doesn’t understand because:
         Everyone does the color shout.
End of story, no ifs, ands, nor buts are allowed where the color shout is considered. Yet Steve still just doesn’t get it. Even as our Director Mr. Hardy has a nearly constant mantra of “no except for me” Steve continues not to do the color shout. Lucky for him I sit right behind him at most games so when the color shout starts I always make sure to yell it over his head.
         “But, Grant, it’s just a cheer, does it really matter?” you ask. The cheer itself perhaps not, but this is representative of a larger issue I find rather annoying. People need to follow the rules, simple as that. I have low tolerance for people who don’t. Why’s that you ask? Rules are rules and they are in place for good reason. If there weren’t rules, well let’s just put it like this: How would you're local interstate highway look if there were no traffic rules?
         Generally people follow rules of a given topic so when people break these rules they are stating that they have no respect for the people who made them or the others who are following those rules. It fits nicely in with the “there’s no except for me,” especially when you’re talking about an organization like band. If people are allowed to think they are above the rules then the band, as a whole, will suffer. A large organization is only as good as each of its components and only as strong as its weakest link. The “Except for Me” syndrome causes a pretty weak link.
         Rules are meant to be followed, they usually have purpose so just go ahead and follow them, what makes you so special?

What about our color shout?


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  1. Your rant assumes that participation in the color shout is a rule.

    1. Also, you left out the part where we have to rock our hips as we chant the color shout-which officially, only the cheerleaders have to do.