Thursday, November 1, 2012

A Case for Halloween Sluts

Foreword: "We" will generally refer to me and the female population.

The costumes we wear on Hallow's Eve change steadily over time, more noticeably for women. I would image most guys will always be OK with dressing up in the same Batman costume, but Snow-White's skirt seems to get shorter every year. Many of my friends seemed truly disgusted each time they spotted a scantly-clothed female strutting around campus. Personally, I went as Korra for Halloween, and yet I see little fault in these girls who choose to dress so once a year while containing themselves in modest dress for the rest of it.

 In one of my earlier essays, "Silly Grown-Ups, Flying is for Kids", I equated childhood with a worry-free existence during which our minds wander and we are convinced we can do anything our little hearts desire. It's a time when our wildest fantastical thoughts and dreams are free to run wild and are as real as our 96 Crayons box. On Halloween, we dress up as princesses and fairies because to us, they represent the ideal happiness we yearn for, even at an early age.

 As we near adulthood, these dreams and fantasies become increasing real-world.  We learn (to our great disdain) that unicorns aren't real and Prince Charming likes to take his time exploring his options. Our goals become more down to earth, so too do our desires.

However, we may still use Halloween as an outlet to satisfy our fantasies, even though they may no longer involve tiaras and horse-drawn carriages. Many women choose to spend that one night in the skin of a girl comfortable with her body and confident in her sexuality, which is the equivalent of a fantasy for many. Just as the Disney princesses spend that one night curtsying and twirling in place, their older, sexy bunny counterparts spend it shamelessly flirting with the surrounding superheroes and naval officers. 

  I believe that Halloween, much like a club or rave, gives "grown ups" an opportunity to shed their public face for one night and revert back to their childish ways as they express their inner desires and fantasies that they keep under lock and key the other 364 days of the year. So while the younger generation is out groveling for candy, their older siblings are out in their fishnets, doing everything they would never do on any other day.

So even though we may be quick to slander and name-call the various lingerie-clad animals, they are, in theory, guilty of little more than adding a real-world, PG-13 factor to the fantasies they've had since their first Halloween. Plus, what's a party without a sexy Snow White?

Hey big boy. You look like you could be my Prince Charming ;)

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