For the one-off and off-again-on-again writers of Questions, Bar Answers. See the bottom of the page for information on how to become a Guest or Regular Author.

Optimism - Helen

Nag like a Jew - Julia

How to Be a QBA Contributor

Several people have shown interest in writing for QBA so we've created a protocol for that.
Step One: Submit an essay draft to any one of the current authors or QBA's email. If a majority of the authors deem the work publishable, it will be posted under the Guests page.
Step Two: If the author who submitted the essay can promise on their honor to provide an essay approximately every week and a half, a majority decision by the current Authors* will turn the author in question into a regular QBA contributor, earning them a spot on the Introductions post and their own page as well as the ability to place essays in the publishing queue without needing a majority vote.

*The Authors are allowed to request multiple essays if they are still unsure of the mettle of the Requesting-to-be-a-regular-author.

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