Introductions are arranged in the order in which they were written.

Jason Rossiter: 

Currently at the University of Texas at Austin and pursuing a B.A. in Economics, B.S. in Actuarial Science, Minor in Business Administration, and certificate programs in Business-Economics, Math-Economics, and Classical Philosophy. Interested in music of all genres, performing and listening. Former Drum Major, classically trained concert percussionist, professional drummer and bassist, sound engineer. Christian and the closest political label is Libertarian. Avid reader and thinker in small spurts only with wide gulfs of emptiness in between. Opinionated whenever it doesn't matter what his opinion is.

Adarsh Nednur:

A first-year student at the University of Texas and a mediocre player of multiple musical instruments (guitar, bass clarinet, piano) who songwrites in his free time and is also interested in music of all genres. Liberal on most social issues, clueless about most economic issues. Agnostic. Is often pessimistic about his own life and optimistic about everyone else's, and is anything but cynical. Known to watch more chick flicks than most guys and enjoy talking about philosophy and his feelings. Either a hopeless romantic or a nonbeliever of love.

Grant Silverman:
Current senior at Bellaire High School and music aficionado, hmm I wonder if there is a correlation between the musically minded and the essayist. I play the saxophone which I would like to think that I'm pretty good at, and piano which I play mostly by ear. I also compose music. I'm interested in international goings on and will be serving Bellaire as the current Model UN president. I'm learning German and went to Germany this past summer on a foreign exchange, yeah it pretty much changed my world view. Politically speaking I'm for social liberalism, fiscal intelligence (I know what intelligence is, I'll let you decide what it means to you) and most vehemently against political parties. you're not getting that out of me.

Julia Chinchilia: 
Class of 2016 at UT Austin. Because everyone else stated their level of proficiency in music, I’ll say that I’m a mediocre guitar player and my singing doesn’t leave the shower. Right-leaning independent. Believe that any economic policy that improves overall quality of life is great. Could honestly not care less who the president divorces or sleeps with. Mostly enjoy discussing social issues. I come from a family of Russian-Jewish immigrants and will backhand anyone who insights that communism is in any way a good system. Ethically Jewish but Deist when it comes to the role of G-d. I love old cartoons and movies and have the scripts of 45 Disney and DreamWorks movies committed to memory. I will argue my side of a point until I’m proven completely wrong from every angle. Firm believer in the principle that chocolate can cure almost anything. In my circles of friends, I’m generally the shrink. Cynical about society’s progression, but believe that all individuals have the capacity to improve. I’m secretly a British punk rock goddess. You are now aware of the fact that you’re breathing.

Emma Foster:
Junior at Bellaire High School, French horn player, and student of German. Fan of science fiction and fantasy. Liberal and religiously ... uncertain. Thinks it would be extremely interesting to live in a historically female-dominated society.  Sails on free weekends, so virtually never. Hopelessly ignorant where most movies and popular culture are concerned, but read Moby Dick in fourth grade and Frankenstein in fifth. Can bore anyone (just try me) to death with over-enthusiastic monologues on marching band. Has no face until she can get back to a computer with pictures on it.

...And So It Began.

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