"Jack" has moved on and will no longer be regularly contributing to QBA.

The Value of Ugly Art

My name is Jack, and I am going to be one of the regular contributors to Questions, Bar Answers. First things first, as I am sure you have figured out, I am not writing under my own name and have opted to use an avatar instead of a picture; I am a bit more paranoid than the other writers. I will likely be serving as the cynic of the bunch. Without going into details here, I don’t think the world is a good place, and I don’t think it can or will ever be a good place. Now that I have gotten my preliminary downer statement out of the way, I have to assign myself into some arbitrary categories so that you, as the reader, feel like you have some clue about who I am (though you really don’t). Religiously, I am a Christian, but unlike some of the other writers on this blog, I tend to disagree with many of the tenants and ideas of organized religion (more on that in a later essay). Politically, I am a libertarian, but I like to believe my views are based on pragmatism instead of dogma, so I end up leaning toward the center. I’ve been called a pessimist, misanthrope, and weirdo; all labels that are probably fair. Just to round out the list of personal details, I am a Brony, Whovian, gamer, debater, short story writer, otaku, and overall nerd. I hope that you either enjoy or are disconcerted by my essays; either response means I did my job well. Question everything, including yourself!

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